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The Shadow Of Your Smile (From The Sandpiper) - Noten - ALF27409 - Noten - Frauenchor
Johnny Mandel

The Shadow Of Your Smile (From The Sandpiper)

Besetzung: Frauenchor (SSA) und Klavier
Rubrik: Frauenchor
Format: Noten
Komponist: Johnny Mandel
Arrangeur: Greg Gilpin
Serie: Alfred Pop Choral Series
Verlag: Alfred Publishing
Best-Nr.: ALF27409 (85 53 88)
Tags: Pop NotenChornotenFrauenchor NotenKlaviernoten
Mindestbestellung: 10 Exemplare
Preis: 3.95 EUR  
versandfertigVersand in 2-4 Werktagen
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Here's a straightforward bossa nova arrangement by Greg Gilpin of a pop standard from the 1960s. It's written with a very easy choral feel, so it's perfect for your larger groups, yet still has enough jazz qualities for your pop/jazz ensembles. Includes a tasty, scat syllable solo for any voice, male or female.

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