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Gregory Yasinitsky

That's How We Roll


Besetzung: Big Band
Ausgabe: Partitur und Stimmen
Komponist: Gregory Yasinitsky
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Serie: Kendor Jazz Gateway
Verlag: Kendor Music
Bestell-Nr.: KEN60807
Sprache: englisch
Dauer: 04:00 min


A guaranteed way to engage an audience is to play a powerful shuffle chart - this one is the perfect choice. An added feature is the 'a cappella' horns-alone passage in the middle of the piece. A richly scored ensemble chorus showcases the dynamic range of the band right after the solo section, which features alto sax and trumpet on chord changes based on two blues scales. This chart for developing groups features Kendor Konvertible instrumentation, meaning it is playable by as few as 9 and as many as 17 players or anything in between. Each set includes a guitar chord chart by Jim Greeson and optional parts for flute, clarinet, horn in F, tuba, and vibes. Duration 4:00.