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Lennie Niehaus

Basic Jazz Conception Vol. 1 SET

Besetzung: Saxophon
Ausgabe: Noten und CD
Komponist: Lennie Niehaus
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Bestell-Nr.: AHW7001
ISBN: 9781934638002
Sprache: englisch


Jazz-Etüden für Anfänger

One of the world's most popular Jazz etude books; popular because the etudes are hip and fun to play. Very popular among teachers! Designed for sax but suitable for all instruments. This Volume contains 12 easy level exercises and 10 etudes. Includes a play-along CD with a professional musician playing the etudes. Each etude is recorded in 3 keys (to facilitate Eb, Bb, and C instruments). The Eb track includes an Alto Saxophonist playing the etudes. The Bb track includes a Tenor Sax soloist and the C track includes a Jazz Guitarist. All are accompanied by a nice piano, bass, and drums rhythm section. Each track is stereo seperated (solo instrument, piano, bass, drums on one track - piano, bass and drums on the other track) so that the soloist can be eliminated and the student can play along with piano bass and drums.
Includes Book & CD


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