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Elvis Costello

The Juliet Letters

Besetzung: Gesang und Streicher
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Interpret: Elvis Costello
Verlag: Chester Music
Bestell-Nr.: CH61163
ISBN: 9780711954748
Gewicht: 532 g
Seiten: 140


A song sequence for String Quartet and Voice. Written by Elvis Costello in response to an article detailing the discovery that a Veronese academic had been replying to letters addressed to 'Juliet Capulet'. The delicate and personal nature of the content of such correspondence has inspired a wonderful and poignant set of songs arranged specifically for, and performed by, The Brodsky Quartet. This is a deceptively simple and work, baring all the qualities of Costello's intelligent sense of melody.


Damnation's Cellar
Dead Letter
Dear Sweet Filthy World
Deliver Us
Expert Rites
For Other Eyes
I Almost Had A Weakness
I Thought I'd Write To Juliet
Jacksons, Monk And Rowe
Last Post
Romeo's Seance
Taking My Life In Your Hands
The Birds Will Still Be Singing
The First To Leave
The Letter Home
The Sad Burlesque
This Offer Is Unrepeatable
Who Do You Think You Are?