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Ralph Paulsen-Bahnsen


Forum Zupfmusik

Besetzung: Zupforchester
Ausgabe: Partitur
Komponist: Ralph Paulsen-Bahnsen
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Genre: Pop Musik
Verlag: Peer Musikverlag
Bestell-Nr.: PEER12155
Sprache: deutsch
Gewicht: 45 g


Pop music for an Orchestra of plucked instruments? But, of course! Why should such an orchestra be denied the fun of playing? 'Spoozer 'is a composition comprising typical pop and folk elements. Because pop music as such - as a unified style - does not exist, 'Spoozer 'can be musically interpreted in many different ways, making the connection to such styles as Rock, Jazz, Folk, Schlager, et al. even clearer. Drums and other rhythm instruments can also be added, even if these are not indicated in the score. There are no boundaries to hem in your own ideas. 'Spoozer 's' swirling, very quick groove reminds one of an enjoyable fairground ride, which can often be found at carnivals, and which inspired the composer to compose this piece.