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François Couperin

Harpsichord Pieces

Besetzung: Cembalo
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: François Couperin
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Genre: Klassik
Verlag: G. Schirmer
Bestell-Nr.: GS26132
ISBN: 9780793551217


Francis Couperin, nicknamed 'Le Grand', is perhaps the greatest of all French composers for the Harpsichord. He is quoted as saying that for each of his pieces he always had 'a definate idea in mind: (and) the titles correspond to these ideas'. Each piece is designed as a kind of portrait; not only persons are thus represented, but moods and emotions as well as objetcs and incidents.


La Bandoline
La Bersan
La Favorite
La Fleurie
Le Bavolet Flottant
Le Carillon De Cythere
Le Reveille Matin
Les Barricades Mysterie
Les Bergeries
Les Moissonneurs
Les Papillons
Les Petits Moulins
Les Rozeaux
Soeur Monique
Suite In C Minor
Suite In G Minor