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Henry Purcell

40 Lieder für hohe Stimme und Klavier

for Voice and Piano

Besetzung: Gesang (hoch) und Klavier
Ausgabe: Klavierpartitur
Komponist: Henry Purcell
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Verlag: International Music Company (IMC)
Bestell-Nr.: IMC2071
ISMN: 9790220416262
Sprache: englisch
Gewicht: 360 g
Seiten: 120


We Sing to Him
Music for a While
Ah! How pleasant 'tis love
Thrice happy Lovers
Sweeter than Roses
What can we poor Females do
Fairest Isle
If Music be the Food of Love
If Music Be the Food of Love
I saw that you were grown so high
Man is for the Woman made
From Rosy Bowers
Ah, Belinda, I am prest
Thy Hand, Belinda! When I am laid in Earth
What shall I do
Your Awful Voice
More Love and more Disdain
Since from my Dear
The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation
The Fatal Hour
I'll Sail upon the Dog Star
Silvia, now your Scorn
'Tis Nature's Voice
Bless of Bedlam
Cease, O my sad Soul
Strike the Viol
Lord, what is man
Sound the Trumpet
Hark! The ech'ing Air
Not all my torments
O, lead me to some peaceful gloom
Sweet, be no longer sad
I attempt from Love's sickness to fly
An Evening Hymn
There's not a Swain on the Plain
Nymphs and Shepherds
Hark! How all things
Come all ye songsters
The Queen's Epicedium
The Knotting Song