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Andres Batista

Metodo de Guitarra Flamenca

Besetzung: Gitarre
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Andres Batista
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Verlag: Union Musical Ediciones
Bestell-Nr.: UMG22323
ISBN: 9780853608691
Sprache: englisch, französisch, spanisch
Gewicht: 563 g
Seiten: 136


The most favourable qualities of shaping a fine artistic personality are combined in Andrés Batista : vocation, sensibility, technique, and the honest and reserved disposition that has marked his excellent, self-taught work. His mastery of the flamenco Guitar as a soloist enabled him to analyse the Guitar technique first intuitively and then with a serious musical background and to translate it in two ways: the tablature and the musical notation, so that it is useful for Guitar players with a musical background as well as for those purely intuitive who use the tablature. The main goal of the Metodo De Guitarra Flamenca (Flamenco Guitar Manual) is to furnish the pupil with thetheoretical and practical knowledge of the different styles in flamenco playing through the adequate explanations and exercises. The method has been divided into three parts: Theory, Technique and Practice. Pictures and detailed descriptions are included throughout in Spanish, English and French. Even though the final aim of this method is to aid and teach, Batista suggests that the advice of a competent teacher will help to avoid mistakes and will also stimulate a better understanding, progress and study of the instrument.