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Fred Bock, Betty Hager

The Advent Gift

Besetzung: Gemischter Chor (SATB)
Ausgabe: Chorpartitur
Komponist: Fred Bock, Betty Hager
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Bearbeiter: Joseph A. Martin
Verlag: Fred Bock Publications
Bestell-Nr.: 00145566
Erscheinung: 31.05.2015
Gewicht: 17 g
Maße: 171x266 mm
Seiten: 12


Fred Bock was a master of both melody and harmony. Joe Martin, a longtime friend of Fred's with a fabulous musical reputation of his own, discovered a beautiful tune from a musical Fred wrote years ago. He cleverly and tastefully tweaked the tune and added his own lyric to create a wonderful new Christmas anthem. The words are comforting and assuring with the message of the advent season. This is an easy selection for church choirs.