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Gabriel Fauré

Dolly Suite

Besetzung: Klavier zu 4 Händen
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Gabriel Fauré
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Verlag: Alfred Publishing
Bestell-Nr.: ALF22555
ISBN: 9780739034170
Erscheinung: 31.08.2003
Gewicht: 186 g
Seiten: 52


The Dolly suite, a collection of six piano duets (for one piano, four hands), shows Fauré's wittier side while portraying the many scenes and moods of childhood. This suite got its name from its dedicatee, a friend's little girl who was so tiny at birth that she was nicknamed Dolly. This teaching/performance edition contains the suite is in its entirety and is based on the first edition published by Hamelle in 1897. Editors Gayle Kowalchyk and E. L. Lancaster have included expert fingering suggestions and hand redistributions for technical ease, and have realized essential ornamentation in footnotes. The primo and secondo parts are on separate pages with measure numbers in both parts for easy reference. Although featuring childhood themes, the piece is at the late intermediate to early advanced level.


Kitty-valse (Kitty-waltz)
Le Jardin De Dolly (The Garden Of Dolly)
Le Pas Espagnol (The Spanish Dance Step)
Tendresse (Tenderness)



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