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John Stevens


Besetzung: Blechbläserquintett
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: John Stevens
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Verlag: editions bim
Bestell-Nr.: BIM-ENS197
Dauer: 15:00 min
Gewicht: 261 g


Collage' - dedicated to the composer's grandson, Canon James - was written by John Stevens in spring 2009, while he was residing on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The music and the movement titles reflect the beauty of the seaside surroundings. The seven movements are to be performed without pause, inspired by the usual format of a 'collage' concert. Two Across is for the two trumpets, Three Down for the other instruments of the quintet and Homage to Canon is a tuba solo. All other movements feature the entire ensemble. 'Collage' was composed for the Wisconsin Brass Quintet, in which the composer is the tubist, and premiered by them in October, 2009.