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Paul Buyer, Josh Gottry

The Art Of Vibraphone Playing

An Essential Method for Study & Performance

Besetzung: Vibraphon
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Paul Buyer, Josh Gottry
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Serie: Meredith Music Resource
Verlag: Meredith Music Publications
Bestell-Nr.: 00233778
ISBN: 9781574634471
Gewicht: 179 g
Maße: 228x304 mm
Seiten: 114


This method provides the fundamental techniques, musical concepts and performance practices necessary to excel as a vibraphonist. Featuring 2 and 4 mallets in accessible to advanced exercises, studies and solos and clear strategies for pedaling, dampening, and tips on how to practice, this book will help those playing vibraphone music to really understand how to play the instrument.