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Pete Coulman

Salsa Amigo

Besetzung: Flexibles Ensemble (7 Instrumente)
Ausgabe: Partitur und Stimmen
Komponist: Pete Coulman
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Bearbeiter: Bjoern Morten Kjaernes
Serie: Flex 7
Verlag: Norsk Noteservice
Bestell-Nr.: WN261701839
ISMN: 9790261701839
Dauer: 2:38 min


This song is regarded as a standard in the jazz ensembles' Latin repertoire. Now available for ensembles, brass and wind bands.

Peter Coulman (b. 1954 in Canada) started his career as a trombonist. He gradually moved on to composing and arranging, and at age 24 he started writing stylish arrangements for the Humber College Jazz Band. We do not know the exact history of the song Salsa Amigo, but it has become a standard in the Latin repertoire for almost every jazz ensemble. This Flex 7 ensemble gives all the parts a chance to play the melody, and there are plenty of challenges and opportunities for the percussion section too!