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Ralph Vaughan Williams

The Lark Ascending

Romance for Violin & Orchestra/Piano

Besetzung: Violine und Orchester
Ausgabe: Partitur
Komponist: Ralph Vaughan Williams
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Verlag: Oxford University Press
Bestell-Nr.: OUP69203
ISBN: 9780193692039
Erscheinung: 06.04.2005
Dauer: 15:00 min
Gewicht: 149 g
Maße: 297x210 mm
Seiten: 40


Vaughan Williams' hauntingly beautiful The Lark Ascending is one of his most enduringly popular works. A serene romance, the work takes its title from a poem by George Meredith. The violin's magical evocation of the lark's 'chirrup, whistle, slur and shake', as it soars above delicate orchestral textures, demonstates the composer's mastery of the pastoral idiom.This edition of the full score, with the parts freshly engraved and edited and available on hire, is produced in collaboration with RVW Ltd.