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  • Besetzung Gemischter Chor (SAB), Klavier und Percussion
  • Opt. Besetzung Gemischter Chor (SAB)
  • Bearbeiter Ruth Morris Gray
  • Ausgabe Klavierpartitur
  • Verlag Alfred Publishing
  • Bestell-Nr. ALF48806
Lieferzeit 3-6 Arbeitstage
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  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Seiten: 12
  • Erschienen: 01.04.2021
  • Gewicht: 56 g
  • Genre: Traditionell
  • Begleitung: Klavier, Schlagzeug/Percussion
  • EAN: 038081561301
Some history: this song comes from Haiti, but actually refers to the first King of Angola, Ngolo Kiluanje, who was revered as a great king. The Creole word for 'king' ('wa') plus the king's name ('Ngolo') became 'Wangolo.' It's an authentic folk song recalling the peace and prosperity the Angolan people enjoyed before colonization. This rhythmic rendition, which may be performed without piano if desired, includes optional body percussion, suggested parts for djembe and other instruments, optional solos in the call and response section, plus a final descant that tops off the triadic parallel harmonies. Check out the free online ChoreoTrax video for some creative riser choreography.