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Sharon Burch


Besetzung: Chor
Ausgabe: Noten und CD
Komponist: Sharon Burch
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Verlag: Shawnee Press Inc.
Bestell-Nr.: 35029029
ISBN: 9781480342668
Gewicht: 187 g
Maße: 216x279 mm
Seiten: 56


This exciting new resource by Sharon Burch, creator of Freddie the Frog, is a step-by-step guide to read, analyze, compose, write and assess with craft sticks all while incorporating the National Common CORE Mathematics Standards in the process! The sixteen singing games, craft stick lessons, and solve the mystery interactive charts included on the enclosed CD-ROM make teaching music and math easy and fun. Each step leads to something fun for the kids to sing, write, or play, all keeping the students engaged to the last second of class. Who knew there was so much fun AFTER dessert? Grades K-2.


Train, Train Choo Choo Train
The Closet Key
Bounce High
Snail, Snail
Lucy Locket
Hot Cross Buns
Pease Porridge Hot
Engine, Engine, Number Nine