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Stephen C. Foster

Stephen Foster Song Book

Besetzung: Songbuch (Klavier, Gesang & Gitarre)
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Stephen C. Foster
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Verlag: Dover Publications
Bestell-Nr.: DP11594
ISBN: 9780486230481
Erscheinung: 31.10.1987


Forty songs as Foster originally composed them: 'Oh Susanna', 'Camptown Races', 'My Old Kentucky Home', 'Beautiful Dreamer' and more.


Ah May The Red Rose Live Always
Beautiful Dreamer
Better Times Are Coming
Camptown Races
Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming
Don't Bet Your Money On De Shanghai
Down Among The Cane-brakes
Gentle Annie
Gentle Lena Clare
The Glendy Burk
Hard Times Come Again No More
If I've Only Got A Moustache
Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair
Maggie By My Side
Massa's In De Cold Ground
My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night
My Wife Is A Most Knowing Woman
Nelly Bly
Nelly Was A Lady
Nothing But A Plain Old Soldier
Oh Susanna
Old Black Joe
Old Dog Tray
Old Folks At Home
Old Uncle Ned
Open Thy Lattice Love
Ring De Banjo
Some Folks
The Songs Of All Songs
That's What The Matter
There Are Plenty Of Fish In The Sea
There's A Good Time Coming
Thou Art The Queen Of My Song
The Village Maiden
The Voices That Are Gone
Way Down In Ca-i-ro
We Are Coming Father Abraam 300 000 More
When This Dreadful War Is Ended
Willie Has Gone To The War
Wilt Thou Be Gone Love