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Stephen Sondheim

Saturday Night

(Vocal Selections)

Besetzung: Songbuch (Klavier, Gesang & Gitarre)
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Stephen Sondheim
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Verlag: International Music Publications (IMP)
Bestell-Nr.: IMP7358A
ISBN: 9780793595761
Sprache: englisch
Erscheinung: 15.09.2002
Gewicht: 458 g
Seiten: 124


Back in the 1950s, Saturday Night began as a play by twin writers Julius J. and Philip G. Epstein, the authors of the screenplay for 'Casablanca'. A producer named Lemuel Ayers wanted to make a musical of the script and engaged a then young Stephen Sondheim to write the score. Money was secured to back the production, but Ayers died suddenly, and the project went into limbo. Saturday Night became part of the Sondheim lore, with individual songs from the show occasionally turning up in various retrospectives and albums. A new life began for the musical when the Bridewell Theatre Company in London gave the world premiere production in 1997, with the blessing of the composer.


Saturday Night
Delighted, I'm Sure
Love's A Bond
Isn't It?
In The Movies
Exhibit 'A'
A Moment With You
Montana Chem
So Many People
One Wonderful Day
I Remember That
All For You
That Kind Of A Neighborhood
What More Do I Need?