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Hal Crook

How To Improvise

An approach to practicing improvisation

Besetzung: Improvisation
Ausgabe: Instrument und CD
Komponist: Hal Crook
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Verlag: Advance Music
Bestell-Nr.: ADV14208
ISMN: 9790206303616
ISBN: 9783892210313
Sprache: englisch
Erscheinung: 31.08.2015
Gewicht: 759 g
Stimme: Instrument
Seiten: 188


Jazz-Improvisationsschule mit Rhythmik, Melodik, Harmonik, Förderung von Kreativität, Technik, u.v.m., 186 S., mit 2 CDs.

What exactly are the steps that lead to ability?
In which order should they been taken?
What will be required to master each one?
These are questions the author has explored in this book, resulting in a rather unique 'one-thing-at-a-time' approach to studying improvisation - one that incorporates discipline, technique, creativity and musical intuition. Each topic is explained and demonstrated using written musical examples and it is accompanied by suggested exercises and a sample daily practice schedule, which can be modified to fit your own needs or liking. The book has been used by the Performance Studies Department of the Berklee College of Music in Boston for teaching improvisation since September 1988.