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Low G Tuning for the Ukulele

Besetzung: Ukulele
Ausgabe: Noten und Online Audio
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Serie: Fretted
Verlag: Centerstream Publications
Bestell-Nr.: 00362325
ISBN: 9781574243994
Erscheinung: 04.02.2021
Gewicht: 236 g
Seiten: 64
Tags: Folk Noten


This alternate approach to ukulele tuning requires only the simple change of just one string and offers an expanded instrumental range and deeper resonant tone color as a result. It includes a carefully selected collection of 30popular songs arranged to show the scope of low G tuning. Also featured is an introductory text with interesting tips, comments and insights, plus songs presented in both standard notation and tablautre with chord names, diagramsand lyrics. Suitable for concert and tenor ukuleles in traditional standard tuning.