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Ritchie Valens Songbook

Hits and B-Sides

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Verlag: Centerstream Publications
Bestell-Nr.: 00465526
ISBN: 9781574244083
Sprache: englisch
Erscheinung: 01.04.2022
Gewicht: 218 g
Seiten: 60


Ritchie Valens was the first nationally recognized Latino rock'n' roll star. He had a meteoric rise to fame in a career that lasted barely eight months, before his tragic death along with Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and pilot Roger Peterson, in a plane crash north of Clear Lake, Iowa. Ritchie's unique guitar style and high-energy performances and his hits 'Come On, Let's Go,' 'Donna,' and 'La Bamba' made him a well-known figure in the golden age of rock 'n' roll.

Valens had only two studio albums, 'Ritchie Valens' and 'Ritchie', both released posthumously in 1959. In 'Ritchie Valens Songbook: Hits and B Sides', guitarist and author Ryan Sheeler presents an in-depth look at Ritchie's music from these two albums, featuring 12 note-for-note transcriptions with accompanying guitar tablature.

This is a follow up to Sheeler's book, 'Ritchie Valens: His Guitar and Music', featuring a complete exploration of 'La Bamba,' plus Ritchie's guitars and history.