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Francis Poulenc

Flute Sonata

Besetzung: Querflöte und Klavier
Ausgabe: Noten und Online Audio
Komponist: Francis Poulenc
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Verlag: Chester Music
Bestell-Nr.: CH01605
ISBN: 9780711943988
Sprache: englisch, deutsch, französisch


This Sonata For Flute and Piano is a virtuosic Flute solo by renowned influential French composer Francis Poulenc. Written in 1956-57, this is an elegant, dreamy chamber work and he has demonstrated his obvious compositional skill, also highlighting the French affinity with the sweet sounds of the Flute.

This 1994 New Edition has been carefully edited by Carl Schmidt and is an authoritative edition that contains a detailed history and comprehensive commentary of the editorial process in English, French and German.