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Max Richter

Max Richter: Piano Works

Besetzung: Klavier
Ausgabe: Spielpartitur(en)
Komponist: Max Richter
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Verlag: Chester Music
Bestell-Nr.: CH82764
ISBN: 9781783056965
Gewicht: 207 g
Seiten: 56


For the first time in print, here are 15 Max Richter Piano Works complete with notes for each, specially written by the composer. This ground-breaking collection represents a unique drawing together of the strands of the gifted composer's varied output, embracing his work with the London Philharmonic (Memoryhouse), The Blue Notebooks, Royal Ballet-commissioned Infra and subsequent highly regarded concept albums. Innovative and imaginative, yet at the same time accessible and easy to play, some of Max Richter's most famous Piano Works are at last available in what will surely become an instant classic collection. This volume includes the works Andras, The Blue Notebooks, Circles From The Rue Simon-Crubellier, Departure,The Family and more.


Circles from the rue Simon-Crubellier
From the rue Villin
H in New England
Horizon Variations
Leo's Journal
The Blue Notebooks
The Family
The Tartu Piano
The Twins (Prague)
Vladimir's Blues
Written On The Sky