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Chris Hazell

Pops For Four

Junior Just Brass 6

Besetzung: Blechbläserquartett (2 Trompeten, Horn und Posaune)
Opt. Besetzung: 2 Trompeten, Horn, Posaune und Percussion
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Chris Hazell
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Verlag: Chester Music
Bestell-Nr.: CH55303
ISBN: 9780711929494


Edited by Philip Jones & Elgar Howarth. The Just Brass series is regarded by brass players worldwide as the most important brass ensemble series available. There are more than 100 titles subdivided into Just Brass (mainstream), Junior Just Brass, Just Brass Lollipops and Giant Just Brass. Supplied as score and parts together. Junior titles have been specifically chosen and edited for young players. The pieces are scored for four or five players and in some there are optional percussion parts. A large number of alternate parts are given, allowing for maximum flexibility in instruments required.


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