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Roland Dyens

20 Lettres pour guitare

Besetzung: Gitarre
Ausgabe: Noten und CD
Komponist: Roland Dyens
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Verlag: Editions Henry Lemoine
Bestell-Nr.: LEMO27329
ISMN: 9790230973298
ISBN: 9790230973298
Erscheinung: 01.01.2001
Gewicht: 250 g


These pieces, which have been composed for a wide range of guitar ability, have been at the bock of my mind for the past fifteen years (and three weeks, to be precise). And now they are ready. Nevertheless - and here we come to the reason why it has taken so long - combining good quality music with relative ease of play has always seemed to me the most difficult thing in composition. While I cannot be sure that I have succeeded with these 20 Letters, at least I have the satisfaction of having made an attempt, in response to the many friends who, for many years, tried to persuade me to follow this path (which let it be said, is perhaps a greater challenge than a concerto!). And now, after several weeks' work, I think what gives me the most pleasure is the thought that at last my music will be accessible to a large number of guitarists who, for obvious technical reasons, felt until now somewhat excluded from the majority of my work. I hope, therefore, that this gap will be consigned to past history.


Lettre à Sydney
Lettre à la Seine
Lettre noire
Lettre à soi-même
Lettre française
Lettre mi-longue
Lettre latine
Lettre à Claude et Maurice
Lettre à la vieille Angleterre
Lettre Nordestine
Lettre à demain
Lettre et le néant
Lettre au calme
Lettre à Jacques Cartier
Lettre à Isaac, Emilio et les autres
Lettre encore
Lettre à la Saudade
Lettre à Julia Florida



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