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David Well

X-mas For Three

Besetzung: Blasorchester
Ausgabe: Direktion
Komponist: David Well
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Genre: Weihnachtslied
Verlag: Gobelin
Bestell-Nr.: GOB000548-215
ISMN: 9790035211168
Dauer: 3:45 min


David Well composed 'X-mas for Three' for three young pupils of his, who wished to give a Christmas concert. He arranged six well-known Christmas songs for them, and their first performance was a great success. This was reason for the composer to adapt the piece for 'orchestra' by adding percussion. The title has stayed the same, and the work can still be played by as few as three musicians, but as the saying goes: "The more, the merrier"! 'X-mas for Three' consists of the following parts : 1. Oh du fröhliche 2. Kling, Glöckchen, kling 3. Gloria in excelsis deo 4. Joy to the world! 5. The first Noel 6. We wish you a Merry Christmas