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John O'Reilly, Steve Bach

Strictly Strings Pop-Style Solos

Besetzung: Streicher
Ausgabe: Einzelstimme Klavier
Komponist: John O'Reilly, Steve Bach
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Serie: Strictly Strings
Verlag: Highland-Etling Publishing
Bestell-Nr.: ALF17456
ISBN: 9780739020753
Erscheinung: 30.06.1997
Gewicht: 177 g
Stimme: Klavier
Seiten: 48


Strictly Strings Pop-Style Solos provide a wonderful selection of very appealing material for the young instrumentalist. Although correlated to speci?c pages in Strictly Strings, Book 1, these solos can be performed by any ?rst-year student. The simple piano accompaniments are designed to effectively support the solos with authentic pop-syle harmonies and rhythms. Chord symbols are included for pianists who want to embellish the written accompaniment or improvise.


TV (Theme and Variations)
The Oasis
Along the Way
Candle Dance
Seb and Allie
Prime Time
Dawn of a New Day
Travelin' Music
The Encounter
Sweet Gretchen
The Quest
Brazil Nut
Mean Old George
The River
Danny Boy.