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Paul A. Francis

Concentrating On Co-ordination

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Komponist: Paul A. Francis
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Verlag: Hudson Publishing Inc.
Bestell-Nr.: HMP0440
ISBN: 9781870951272


Co-ordination is an essential part of the drummer's skill. A sound understanding of music theory, plus the ability to concentrate, are also important if the musician is to improve technique and avoid stagnation. Paul Francis has been a professional player for many years. His own experience and awareness of the pitfalls make him uniquely qualified to write a book which will help the player achieve excellent results. Drumming has progressed so much in the last twenty years that with the right approach most players can aspire to a high level of competence. In addition to technical expertise, concentration is the other important factor. If the mind is not focused all the practice may be in vain. Players need to combine confidence and a disciplined mind to reach their full potential. Concentrating on Co-ordination contains many, many hours of excellent tuition which will help the player master both the technical and mental skills. The book includes exercises devised for all four limbs and, of approached in a methodical manner, they will really work. Backed up by a 57 minute compact disc, this is a golden opportunity to radically improve your drumming - and all for the price of one lesson!