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Mike Carubia, Jeff Jarvis

Effective Etudes for Jazz Vol. 1: Trumpet

Besetzung: Trompete
Ausgabe: Noten und Online Audio
Komponist: Mike Carubia, Jeff Jarvis
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Serie: Kendor Effective Etudes
Verlag: Kendor Music
Bestell-Nr.: KEN20695
Sprache: englisch


Playalong-Reihe mit Etüden über Standard Chord Changes.


Keep Smilin' (When You're Smiling)
Moonmen (Moonglow)
Minor Is Finer (Minor Blues in Bb)
Baggage Claim Blues (Blues in Bb)
Dido (Perdido)
Isle Of Melon (Cantaloupe Island)
It's From Heaven (Pennies From Heaven)
The Moon Is High (How High The Moon)
Blue Note Blues (Blues in F)
Softly (Softly As In A Morning Sunrise)
You're The Last One (There Will Never Be Another You)
I Got Yer Rhythm (I've Got Rhythm)
The Sum Of Your Attributes (All The Things You Are)
This Is Love (What Is This Thing Called Love)
My Glowing Moment (My Shining Hour)
Sweet Georgia (Sweet Georgia Brown)
It's Nobody For Me
I Got Rid Of `Em (I've Got Rhythm in F)