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Rob MacKillop

20 Easy Fingerstyle Studies

for Ukulele

Besetzung: Ukulele
Ausgabe: Spielpartitur(en) und Online Audio
Komponist: Rob MacKillop
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Verlag: Mel Bay Publications
Bestell-Nr.: MB30025M
ISBN: 9780786687220
Erscheinung: 04.08.2016
Gewicht: 155 g
Seiten: 44


This collection contains 20 pieces and exercises for the fingerstyle Ukulele, aimed at those who have strummed chords on the Ukulele and now wish to learn fingerstyle technique. In 20 Easy Fingerstyle Studies , author Rob MacKillop introduces techniques for the left and right hand and explanations for each piece that help you along the way. The accompanying audio download contains both slow and up-tempo versions of every tune in the book.


A Little Night Music
Bar Two
C Major Scale Workout
Creepy Campanella Blues
Day Dreaming
Fast Arpeggios
Hammer On
In Circles
One - Nil
Pull Off
Rhythm Study
Sea Blues
Song Accompaniment
Strange and Interesting Chords
Such A Nice Day
Tears for Am
Triplet Blues in C