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Steve Gadd

Steve Gadd Transcriptions

Transcriptions by Krzysztof Filipski

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Komponist: Steve Gadd
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Bearbeiter: Krzysztof Filipski
Verlag: Mel Bay Publications
Bestell-Nr.: MB21886
ISBN: 9780786682072
Sprache: englisch
Gewicht: 305 g
Seiten: 106


The Steve Gadd drumming transcriptions book honors the talents of one of the greatest drummers in the entire world: the amazing Steve Gadd. The book includes thirty stylistically varying transcriptions. It is a note for note, very accurate interpretation of Steve Gadd's style of playing the drums. In some cases there are only fragments that present the most interesting parts of the given song. The music is clearly notated and easy to read. Attractive quotations, biography, an extensive discography and videography are an extra bonus in this book.

The Biography
Drum Key
Transcription No. 1-30
Selected Discography
Selected Videography
Selected Articles