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Robert Schumann

Dichterliebe Liedzyklus

Besetzung: Gesang (tief) und Klavier
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Robert Schumann
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Genre: Klassik
Verlag: Novello Publishing
Bestell-Nr.: NOV270689
ISBN: 9780853606277
Sprache: englisch, deutsch


These Schumann songs, set to poems by Heinrich Heine, are a deeply psychological and disturbing journey, as they reflect more often than not the bitterness of unrequited love. The most cheerful songs begin as deceptively happy experiences which ultimately turn sour as they eventually reveal themselves as somewhat despairing looks at love.


A Youth Once Loved A Maiden
Alone On Summer Morning
At Nightfall Isee You
From Out My Tears Are Springing
I Blame Thee Not
I Gaze Into Thy Tender Eyes
I Wept As I Lay Dreaming
If Only The Flowers Could Know It
I'll Breathe My Soul Is Yearning
Old Songs Of Tears And Sorrow
The Fairy-tales Of Childhood
The Flutes And The Fiddles Are Sounding
The Rhine, That Holiest River
The Rose And The Lily
Twas In The Lovely Month Of May
Whene'er I Hear Them Singing