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Really Easy Bass Book (With Piano)

Besetzung: Kontrabass und Klavier
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Bearbeiter: Tony Osborne
Verlag: Faber Music
Bestell-Nr.: 0571511708
ISBN: 9780571511709
Erscheinung: 30.09.1990
Gewicht: 163 g
Seiten: 28


If you can play just a few notes on the double bass, then you're ready for this book. These 22 imaginative little pieces for the absolute beginner include traditional tunes, classics and specially composed melodies, all with attractive piano accompaniments. The pieces are arranged progressively, so you can hear the step-by-step improvement in your playing as well as simply enjoying the music.


Alpen Song
And Y Not
Arco Marco
Baby Trout
Bass Bridges Of Paris
Basse Noisette
Basso Bossa
Bobby Shaftoe Goes To New Orleans
Choo-Choo Blues
Grand March For Ida
Greek Song
Jellied Eels Foo-Yong
Polly Put The Cha-Cha On
Russian Circus
Sur Le Pont D'avignon
The Clumsy Spy
The Duke Of York Joins The Navy
The Lost City
Victorian Parlour