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Malcolm Arnold

Sonata for Piano

Besetzung: Klavier
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Malcolm Arnold
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Verlag: Roberton Publications
Bestell-Nr.: ROB09524
ISMN: 9790222241060
Gewicht: 119 g


Malcolm Arnold completed this piano sonata in August 1942 when he was just 20 years old. He took up the trumpet at the age of 12 after seeing Louis Armstrong perform in a concert in Bournemouth. Five years later he gained a scholarship to the Royal College of Music where he studied the trumpet with Ernest Hall and composition with Gordon Jacob.
The Sonata was originally published only in 1992 and was reproduced from the composer's manuscript. This new edition has been typeset for clarity but the music has not been materially altered. The manuscript version is also included in the copy.
A Concerto for alto saxophone and string orchestra was created from this Sonata by David Ellis in 1994 at the request of the composer. It is published in the Goodmusic Concert Originals series (GMCO065).
Duration 9 1/2 minutes