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Peter Wildman

Thirty Fingers Bach Vivace

Besetzung: Klavier zu 6 Händen
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Peter Wildman
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Verlag: Roberton Publications
Bestell-Nr.: ROB09936
ISMN: 9790222269774
Gewicht: 106 g


THIRTY FINGERS is a series of books of various standards for three players on one piano.
This work is for players of around Grades 6 to 8 standard. The movement is taken from one of Bach's Trio Sonatas for the organ.
Also available is a practice CD (Catalogue number 9936CD) containing a recording of a complete performance followed by three recordings each with a different player's part missing so you can play along with your two partners even when they are not there!
When you VIEW AND HEAR THE SCORE (below) remember that what you hear will be your computer playing the score and NOT the CD recording (which is much better!).