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Johann Sebastian Bach

Triosonate in g-Moll BWV 1029

Besetzung: 2 Violinen und Basso Continuo
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Johann Sebastian Bach
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Bearbeiter: Warwick Cole
Tonart: g-Moll
Opus: BWV1029
Verlag: Roberton Publications
Bestell-Nr.: ROB95520
ISMN: 9790222261310
Gewicht: 181 g


Bach's Sonata for viola da gamba in G minor is one of his most dramatic and moving chamber works. Although scholars have long considered it to be an arrangement, it is presented here for the first time as a trio sonata in its original key. As such it makes another welcome addition to the trio sonata repertoire. An informative preface is included giving the origins and background to the work.
*The Violin 1 part can be played by flute or oboe. Parts are included for Violin 1 (or oboe or flute), Violin 2, cello continuo (with figured bass) and keyboard (realised by Warwick Cole).
Duration 11 minutes