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Lee West

Hip to the Blues 1

Besetzung: Querflötenduett
Ausgabe: Noten und CD
Komponist: Lee West
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Verlag: Santorella Publications Ltd.
Bestell-Nr.: SANTOR-TS14WCD


Hip To The Blues published by Santorella Publications is a series of 22 jazz duets that combine the best elements of education, playability and musical fun. These lyrical melodies are unique to the industry. The CD is recorded in a 'music minus one' fashion with the duet being played in entirety (both parts) if your stereo is evenly balanced. Move the balance to right or left channel to isolate the top or bottom (1st or 2nd) part and play along with Rick Rossi, one of the best studio saxophone or flute reedmen in Los Angeles today. Get ready to enjoy these 'Hip' Lee West 'Blues' titles.


Foolin' Blues
Working Man's Blues
Too Blue to Cry
Sittin' Back
Floppy Dog Blues
Can't Decide
Makin' Your Acquaintance
8th Street Shuffle
Avenue Blue
Flamingo Way
Everything's Blue
Tom Cat Talk
Tongue in Cheek
Impromptu Blues
Old Shoe Blues
Minor Difficulties
Ain't No Stoppin'
Hip to the Blues (Take 1)
Blue Wind
Blue Zambu
Under Your Spell
Baroque In Blue