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Georg Wolf

Electric Guitar Basics (englische Ausgabe)

Besetzung: Gitarre
Ausgabe: Noten und CD
Komponist: Georg Wolf
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Verlag: Voggenreiter Verlag
Bestell-Nr.: VOGG0607
ISBN: 9783802406072
Sprache: englisch
Gewicht: 340 g
Seiten: 64


The perfect start to learning the E-guitar!
This guitar course provides the beginner guitarist with the essential playing techniques and music theory basics in simple to follow steps. All information is both valuable and clearly explained, meaning it can be instantly put into practice. Electric Guitar Basics comprises of three cohesive sections:

- Playing chords and accompanying songs
- Playing single notes and power chords
- Music theory and foundations

The chapter on power chords contains everything you need to know about this indispensable playing technique. The accompanying CD with exercises and music pieces offers a valuable aid to practise.
Making playing the E-guitar even more fun!

64 pages, CD included
Format: DIN A4 / 8.3' x 11.7'