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Roger Bobo

Die Meisterschaft der Tuba

Mastering The Tuba (Complete Book)

Besetzung: Tuba
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Roger Bobo
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Music instruments are only tools, personally chosen tools, for expression through music. In order to make music, the tools must work. So is it with the skills of playing music. In order to play music the playing skills need to be developed and maintained. I am a teacher who has always put musicality above all else. I still strongly believe in this, but of course for any musical idea to function, our playing skills have to work too. Many of these exercises are modifications of exercises for other instruments, many are original, all of them are good. Every player needs to discover his own optimum warm-up. Of course it will change from person to person and for a single musician it will change from day to day. That's the trick; no book can guide a player through his optimum personal warm-ups, but I sincerely hope that the materials in this book will help you find your best path. The exercises in this book are very easy to memorize; leave the book out of the warm-up process as soon as possible. Change the routine in someway everyday. Have the courage to experiment; these exercises are only starting ideas. Be your own teacher: a patient, persevering, wise and kind teacher, a teacher who is keenly aware of your personal needs, and a teacher who knows the joys of making music. Now proceed as a student with a balance of patience and perseverance.