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Anthony Cirone, Jack Van Geem

Percussion Master Class On Works By Schwantner, Schuller And Bach

Besetzung: Marimba
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Anthony Cirone, Jack Van Geem
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Serie: Meredith Music Resourse
Verlag: Meredith Music Publications
Bestell-Nr.: 00317212
ISBN: 9781574631197
Gewicht: 198 g
Maße: 216x279 mm
Seiten: 62


This latest work in the Master Class series presents a comprehensive, interpretive analysis and performance guide of three major works for solo marimba by San Francisco Symphony Principal Percussionist Jack Van Geem. Van Geem's well-thought-out approach to learning Velocities by Joseph Schwantner helps solve many of the difficult 4-mallet technical issues of this most notable composition for solo marimba. His extensive theoretical analysis of Three Small Adventures by Gunther Schuller aids in a greater musical approach to this and other contemporary works for marimba. Van Geem provides his personal edition including dynamics, phrasing, and articulations to J. S. Bach's Fuga in G minor. Van Geem outlines his philosophy of solo marimba technique and how mallet position increases a player's accuracy and provides an important aid in memorization. This in-depth publication covers topics such as sticking options, beating spots, hand & arm postures, memorization, practicing, learning the art of triaging, and more.