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From A Prayer

From A Prayer
Besetzung: Big Band (Solo/Feature: Trompete)
Ausgabe: Partitur und Stimmen
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Bearbeiter: Matt Moresi
Verlag: Walrus Music Publishing
Bestell-Nr.: WMP53016


Rock feel, medium tempo. Commissioned by trumpeter John Adler and the Virginia Tech Jazz Ensemmble, this piece features trumpet throughout. Starting with a short chorale, the piece quickly moves into a driving, deep, and dirty rock groove. After the trumpet states a simple melody, it moves into an extended modal solo section with plenty of room to stretch out. The piece builds to an exciting climax featuring a free section for the band to imptovise over before returning to the beginning chorale and building to the end. 5 trumpets (1 solo, 4 band), 4 trombones (3 tenor, 1 base). Soprano sax replaces Alto 1. Great chart to feature a guest artist. Lengthy - 10 minutes. Medium. SATTB, 5TRPTS, 4BONES, P, B, D.