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Give It To The Bass Player

Give It To The Bass Player
Besetzung: Big Band
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Bearbeiter: Frederick "Dave" Snider
Genre: Blues
Verlag: Walrus Music Publishing
Bestell-Nr.: WMP55690


This is a fun chart in a Hard-Bop blues groove in the key of F. The tempo should be around 130 BPM for the quarter note but could go faster. As the title suggests it is a string or electric bass feature. The chord changes are traditional jazz blues. This chart has been performed many times and has been proven to be a definite crowd pleaser. There is really fun and great sax soli and a fun tutti section. It can be used on any professional or college jazz concert. Besides the featured bass solo anyone in the band can solo depending on what the director wants to do. Soloist: Flugelhorn. Trumpet highest note C5 (Two octaves above middle C) Instrumentation: 5, 4, 4, P, B, and D (guitar optional). No doubles. Medium.