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Christopher Tin

Temen Oblak

Besetzung: Gemischter Chor (SATB)
Ausgabe: Singpartitur
Komponist: Christopher Tin
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Verlag: Alfred Publishing
Bestell-Nr.: ALF44090


Available for SSA or SATB, 'Temen Oblak' - which means 'Dark Clouds' - is sung in Bulgarian and adapted from a poem by Hristo Botev. Featuring the intricate rhythms and harmonies of Bulgarian women's choirs, it was commissioned by the International Schools Choral Music Society (ISCMS) and was first performed on February 22, 2014 at the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing by the ISCMS Festival Orchestra and Chorus, conducted by composer Christopher Tin. 'Temen Oblak' is the third movement of The Drop That Contained the Sea, a ten-movement work that deals with water in different forms. Orchestra parts are available for rent. Contact rental@alfred.com.