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Astor Piazzolla

Suite Punta Del Este

reknown from the movie '12 Monkeys'

Besetzung: Akkordeon, Querflöte, Oboe, Klarinette, Fagott und Streicher
Ausgabe: Partitur
Komponist: Astor Piazzolla
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Genre: Filmmusik
Verlag: Tonos Musikverlag
Bestell-Nr.: TONOS21038
ISMN: 9790201500843


Astor Piazzolla is widely considered to be one of the most important composers of tango music in the latter 20th century, bringing the style to the concert hall with his many famous works. He was also an exceptional bandoneon player, and his compositions revolutionised the traditional tango with a modern style, incorporating elements from jazz and classical, in a style termed Nuevo tango.

Suite Punta Del Este is a fantastic work for bandoneon (accordion), flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and strings.

Available here is the full score of this work. Parts on request.