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Fretboard Roadmaps: Country Guitar

Besetzung: Gitarre
Ausgabe: Noten und CD
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Bearbeiter: Fred Sokolow
Verlag: Hal Leonard
Bestell-Nr.: 00695353
ISBN: 9780634066054
Gewicht: 213 g
Maße: 229x305 mm
Seiten: 48


This book/CD pack will teach you how to play hot country lead and rhythm anywhere on the fretboard, in any key! You'll play basic country progressions, boogie licks, steel licks and other melodies and licks. You'll also learn a variety of lead guitar styles using moveable scale patterns, sliding scale patterns, chord-based licks, double-note licks and more. The book features easy-to-follow diagrams and instructions for beginning, intermediate and advanced players, and the accompanying CD includes 37 demonstration tracks.


Notes On The Fretboard
The Major Scale
First Position Major Scales
Two Movable Major Chords
Variations Of The Two Movable Major Chords
The I-iv-v Chord Families
The F-d-a Roadmap
Chord Fragment/Chord Families
Three Moveable Blues Boxes
Major Pentatonic Scales
A Moveable Double-note Lick
Moveable Major Scales