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Randy Vincent

Line Games

An In-Depth Study Of Single-Note Lines For Guitar

Besetzung: Gitarre
Ausgabe: Noten
Komponist: Randy Vincent
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Verlag: Sher Music Co.
Bestell-Nr.: 9781883217747
ISBN: 9781883217747
Sprache: englisch
Gewicht: 415 g


Do you wonder why lots of practice on scales and arpeggios hasn't made you feel fluent and creative when soloing? If so, then this book is the missing link for you!
Line Games is an organized series of practical studies for the development of single-note guitar technique and jazz vocabulary simultaneously.
Many examples are transcribed from the recorded solos of great jazz guitarists (Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino, Joe Pass, etc.) and then the book gives you the tools to develop complete fluency in creating similar lines on your own!

Topics Covered Include:

- Basic six-note scales commonly used by the jazz greats.
- How to use all of the chromatic notes to make playing 'inside' the chord changes sound more interesting and melodic.
- Triad pairs for modern-sounding lines, as used by all the great players from Coltrane on.
- Exercises that will give you the tools to create many interesting chord extensions from a few simple arpeggios.
- How to build long lines across many chord changes.
- How to use thematic development for more cohesive solos.
- Fingerings often given to aid in getting these lines under your fingers.
- Plus much more! 156 pages.