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Johann Sebastian Bach

Bourree From Suite In E-Minor BWV 996

Besetzung: Flexibles Ensemble (7 Instrumente)
Ausgabe: Partitur und Stimmen
Komponist: Johann Sebastian Bach
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Bearbeiter: Bjoern Morten Kjaernes
Tonart: e-Moll
Opus: BWV996
Serie: Flex 7
Verlag: Norsk Noteservice
Bestell-Nr.: WN661021681
ISMN: 9790661021681
Dauer: 2:06 min


One of the most famous Bach pieces written for baroque orchestra. This edition for flexible 7-part instrumentation is an excellent introduction both to the music of Bach but also to baroque music in general.

Bourree is the fifth movement from suite for orchestra BWV996 by Johan Sebastien Bach. Like a lot of the music he wrote is also this one used in several other works by him. This piece is even more famous for lute and it is also performed a lot by classical guitarists. The flexible arrangement is a excellent introduction both to the composer J.S. Bach but also to baroque music in general.