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Patterns, Rounds And Joyful Sounds

Collection for Choir (Any Combination)

Besetzung: Chor
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Bearbeiter: John Leavitt
Serie: Choral Collection Series
Verlag: Hal Leonard
Bestell-Nr.: 00158471
ISBN: 9781495076336
Gewicht: 164 g
Maße: 171x266 mm
Seiten: 20


Warm-ups, tune-ups, wake-ups and concert material - it's all here in this handy collection of 24 rounds and canons! Perfect for all levels of choir, you will love the creative ideas provided for developing part-singing skills. Includes; Alleluia; The Bell Doth Toll; Cherries So Ripe; Christmas Is Coming; Da Pacem Domine; Derrie Ding, Ding Dasson; Early to Bed and Early to Rise; Evening Still; Frere Jacques (Are You Sleeping?); Hashivenu (Cause Us To Return); Hava Nashira; I Love the Mountains; Jubilate Deo; La Cloche/The Clock; Music Alone Shall Live; My Dame Had a Lame Tame Crane; Oh How Lovely Is the Evening; One Bottle of Pop; One May Begin; Row, Row, Row Your Boat; Shalom Chaveyrim (Shalom Friends); Sing a Joyful Song; Sing Psallite.


Jubilate Deo
Da Pacem Domine
Sing A Joyful Song
Christmas Is Coming
I Love The Mountains
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Hashivenu (Cause Us To Return)
Hava Nashira
One Bottle Of Pop
Frere Jacques (Are You Sleeping?)
Cherries So Ripe
Derrie Ding, Ding Dasson
Early To Bed And Early To Rise
Evening Still
La Cloche/the Clock
One May Begin
Sing Psallite
The Bell Doth Toll
Mozart Alleluia
Music Alone Shall Live
My Dame Had A Lame Tame Crane
Oh How Lovely Is The Evening
Shalom Chaveyrim (Shalom Friends)