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Johann Sebastian Bach

Concerto in D Minor BWV 1052

for Harpsichord (Piano) and Orchestra

Besetzung: Cembalo und Orchester
Opt. Besetzung: Klavier und Orchester
Ausgabe: Klavierauszug und Online Audio
Komponist: Johann Sebastian Bach
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Tonart: d-Moll
Opus: BWV 1052
Verlag: Music Minus One (MMO)
Bestell-Nr.: MMO3022
ISBN: 9781596150188
Herausgeber: Romeo Smilkov
Sprache: englisch
Erscheinung: 31.12.2002
Gewicht: 375 g
Seiten: 1


Accompaniment: Stuttgart Festival Orchestra - Bach's beautiful and noble D-minor concerto is a testament to this master's abilities at the keyboard. It is actually a transcription of one of his violin concerti, and Bach has given it a grand treatment, and the expressive slow movement is reminiscent of his famous Italian Concerto. A lovely and rewarding piece. This beautiful new deluxe edition, now digitally remastered, contains a second Audio Online featuring a slow-tempo version of the accompaniment to help you as you learn the piece. - Includes a newly engraved music score printed on high-quality ivory paper, newly edited by Bach expert Romeo Smilkov, with orchestral reduction; and a compact disc containing a complete version with soloist, in digitally remastered stereo, followed by a second version in full stereo of the orchestral accompaniment, minus the soloist; and a second Audio Online featuring a full-speed version of the complete version followed by a -20% slow-tempo version of the accompaniment for practice purposes.