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Earth Wind & Fire


Besetzung: Saxophonquartett (SAAB/AATB)
Opt. Besetzung: Saxophonquintett (SAATB/AATTB)
Ausgabe: Partitur und Stimmen
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Interpret: Earth Wind & Fire
Bearbeiter: Inka Kruse
Verlag: Exklusiv-Noten
Bestell-Nr.: EXKL-SAX3010
ISMN: 9790502052584
Erscheinung: 31.10.2016


The song 'September', released in November 1978, is described by co-writer Allee Willis as 'Joyful Music' because it has a tendency to make people who hear it happy. The song from Earth, Wind & Fire, which was honored with a star on the Walk of Fame in 1995, has been used widely in feature films and TV productions. When interpreting this piece, taking into account the articulation and phrasing entered, the funky-soulful character comes into play.

The arrangement can be used flexibly in the 1st and 3rd parts and can be played with 4 or 5 saxophones. Therefore, many different cast variants are possible!